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Connect 2022

Orignal Name: 커넥트 .

A work that depicts the mysterious story of a man who has been deprived of a part of his body by organ hunters and becomes ‘connected’ with a person who has received an organ transplant. Ha Dong Soo is part of a new human race called connect, who has an immortal body, kidnapped by a group of human organ traffickers. His eye is cut out from him. He soon sees something and realizes the man who has his stolen eye is a serial killer. Ha Dong Soo is now able to see what the serial killer sees. He chases after the serial killer to stop him from killing anymore people. (Source: Wikipedia) ~~ Adapted from the webtoon “Connect” by Shin Dae Sung. ~~ Release dates: Oct 6, 2022 (Festival) || Dec 7, 2022 (Online)

Also Know As: Keonegteu , RR , Connect 2022


Status: Completed



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